On March 30th, tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip participated in the “March of Return.” In the first three days, 17 people were killed by IDF snipers, the vast majority of whom were unarmed. Over a thousand were injured. Videos were uploaded onto social media documenting case after case in which snipers shot at unarmed protesters, and even at people who were not trying to cross the fence. Below are a few of them.


1. A group of people praying. A young man wearing a white shirt stands up for a moment and turns back. His body isn’t event facing the fence. Then a shot is heard.

Footage shows Gazan prayer shot by Israeli soldiers while praying.

Posted by Times Of Palestine on Friday, March 30 2018


2. Abdel Fattah Abdel Nabi, 18 years old from East Jabaliya. He was running when he was shot, not toward the fence, but to help his friend, who was trying to bring back a tire toward the crowd of onlookers. Abdel Nabi later succumbed his injuries.

The moment an unarmed young Palestinian was shot and injured today by Israeli occupation forces in East Jabaliya, #Gaza. #GreatReturnMarch #Palestine

Posted by DOAM - Documenting Oppression Against Muslims on Friday, March 30 2018


3. An unarmed Palestinian protester, who poses no threat, is shot by an Israeli sniper. Photo: Atiya Bahar.

Killed with cold blood

This Palestinian demonstrator posed no danger, carried no weapon, threw no stone, but Israeli snipers shot him anyway!! #GreatReturnMarch

Posted by The Palestinian Information Center on Sunday, April 1 2018


4. A Palestinian woman waving a Palestinian flag in front of the soldiers. Then a shot.

WATCH: Israeli forces shot a Palestinian woman while participating in the Great Return March in Gaza, she was holding the Palestinian flag peacefully.

Posted by Times Of Palestine on Saturday, March 31 2018


5. Tahrir Abu-Sabla is shot and injured east of Khan Younis. It was later reported that Abu-Sabla is deaf, yet he nonetheless insisted on participating in the protests.