They asked us: Are you loyal?

We answered: Well sure, we’re loyal!

They asked: So where’s your Oath of Loyalty?

We apologized for not preparing it in advance, went for a moment and came back with the following oath:

Oath of Loyalty

We are loyal to the people of both our nations.

We are not loyal, we’re really disloyal to the politicians who want to set us against each other. We are not loyal to the rich and their associates, to a dispossessing and racist establishment, to corrupt ministers, to the arrogant elite who pretend to tell us what to think and how.

We are loyal to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters. We’re doing our best to be loyal to all those who suffer from discrimination and deprivation. We wish to be truly loyal to those exploited and oppressed by aggressive and greedy corporations. We are loyal – and shall always be – to all the victims of racism.

We are loyal to the struggle for an equitable, more egalitarian and more tolerant and less violent society.

They are loyal to money, to their positions, to deceptive trickery, to racial incitement, to the politics of fear and brutality.

They are loyal to those more powerful than themselves and cannot stop crawling to the powerful and the rich.

We don't believe them, and they cannot make us feel small. We prefer to be loyal to the weary and the weak who need our solidarity.

We do not think that the state is more important than its citizens. We believe that the it’s the state that should prove loyal to its citizens.

Workers need not be grateful to the bosses who make profits from their work.

Arabs, Ethiopians Jews, Oriental Jews should not be grateful to the elite for years and years of deprivation and discrimination. No one should disguise himself or herself, hide their accent, the color of their skin and appearance, or their sexual orientation in order to earn their citizenship rights.

Women should not ask for special consideration – we’d better demand our rights as human beings and struggle for undermining gender hierarchies. We do not think that anyone should apologize because he or she is different.

Briefly, since you asked: We are loyal to the people of both our nations.

התחברות – تـــرابـــط