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Kfar Shalem — The “Mahal/Moshe Dayan” Residential Compound: Interim Summary

Agents of Israel’s judicial execution office, backed up by a force of hundreds of police, evict more than twenty families from the “Mahal/Moshe Dayan” compound situated in the southwest corner of Kfar Shalem (in southern Tel-Aviv)—an unprecedented event in the context of a decades-long struggle against dispossession. »

Kfar Shalem: The Struggle Resumes

At Kfar Shalem, residents renew the grassroots struggle for their rights and homes, in anticipation of what lies ahead: the moment when all legal proceedings will have been exhausted and they will be facing the danger of immediate eviction. »

Kfar Shalem Residents Fight for Their Homes

Hundreds of residents of Kfar Shalem hold a stormy protest rally against the continuing attempt to evict them from their homes and property. »

Conquistan, colonizan y explotan….. Fuerza huelguistas!

El trasfondo de la huelga de obreros palestinos en "Nitzanei Shalom" que estalló el 19 de octubre de 2010. »

Occupy, Colonize, Exploit: The Economic Use of the Separation Barrier

How much do the masters pay the natives in the occupied territories? At the Solor factory – 90, 120 NIS a day. Where? In a fortified compound between the Separation Fence and Tulkarem. How roadblocks and fences manufacture manpower for exploitation? »

Acre facing the New and Old Colonizers

Acre, one of the most beautiful cities in the middle east, is currently a battle field in a war lead by the Israeli authorities, Jewish settlers and gentrification groups against the local Palestinian residents. »

Acre face aux anciens et nouveaux colons

Acre (Ar. Akka), l’une des plus belles villes du Moyen-Orient, est devenue le terrain d’une guerre d’usure menée par des institutions étatiques, des associations de colons et de gentrificateurs contre les habitants palestiniens de la ville. La reconnaissance de la vieille ville d’Acre comme patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO ne protège pas ses habitants de la pauvreté et de la misère, de même qu’elle ne leur fournit pas d’immunité face à l'expropriation. Au contraire : cette reconnaissance ouvre des opportunités aux investisseurs et une conjoncture favorable pour des colons nationalistes: Un rapport spécial »

Why Israel’s Dismantling of Public Housing is a Crime

Last Wednesday, a landmark event took place in the struggle for social justice in Israel. A “Popular Court” was conducted, in which the criminals behind Israel’s public housing policy were put on trial. Those whose rights were violated by the public housing policy appeared for the first time not as humble petitioners pleading for mercy, and not as the irresponsible or the already-guilty, but as witnesses and plaintiffs who charge the system with violating their dignity, robbing them of their humanity, and abdicating its responsibility to serve as a social safety net for the most impoverished strata of society. »

Paradise for Education? Three Responses to Neoliberal Education Reform

When neoliberals talk about improving and developing the education system, there are two main claims that they never fail to repeat. The first is the need for a technological revolution in education, while the second is to dismantle age-based instruction. To make these neoliberal proposals more attractive, they’ll always remind us of the supposedly liberating information revolution, along with the ideas of Professor Ken Robinson on creativity. »

Hithabrut-Tarabut Calls for the Immediate Annulment of the Paris Protocol

The Hithabrut-Tarabut movement calls for the immediate annulment of the Paris Protocol and the establishment of an independent Palestinian economy, an economy that will not be beholden to the needs of that the occupying power. Economic independence is the first step in achieving Palestinian sovereignty. No sovereignty is possible under the Protocol... »

After the War - Back to the Rulers' War of Attrition Against Israel's Social Per

In another week or two, when the Israeli primary season ends and the echoes of exploding rockets will fade from the TV screens, we'll see who really cares about the residents of Israel's south, Jews and Palestinians. Let's see, when Bibi will try to pass his austerity budget, who really cares about the children and elderly of Israel, and who cares about them only enough to use them as excuses for wars and for gaining political power »