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1956-й: Кфар Касем и операция "Крот"

В течение многих лет израильские власти утверждали, что убийство мирных граждан в Кфар Касеме в 1956 году было прискорбной ошибкой – очевидный случай неправильного понятого приказа, или слепоты при его исполнении, ну, может быть, жестокости тут и там – но не составная политического процесса. Опубликованные в последнее время многочисленные документы и журналистские расследования, проведенные Рубиком Розенталем, Йосефом Альгази, Далией Карпель, рисуют иную картину. »

The Making of a Social Activist: Reuven Abergil

Reuven Abergil, one of the founders of the Israeli Black Panthers, the social movement who shook Israeli society at the beginning of the 1970s, now a member of Tarabut-Hit’habrut, talks about growing up in a poor neighborhood in Jerusalem and the beginning of the Black Panthers movement in Israel. »

A Joint Struggle for an End to the Occupation and Racism

On Saturday, 7 May 2011, a Palestinian-Israeli joint conference was held in Hebron. Here is the joint declaration that was published at the end of the conference. »

Acre face aux anciens et nouveaux colons

Acre (Ar. Akka), l’une des plus belles villes du Moyen-Orient, est devenue le terrain d’une guerre d’usure menée par des institutions étatiques, des associations de colons et de gentrificateurs contre les habitants palestiniens de la ville. La reconnaissance de la vieille ville d’Acre comme patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO ne protège pas ses habitants de la pauvreté et de la misère, de même qu’elle ne leur fournit pas d’immunité face à l'expropriation. Au contraire : cette reconnaissance ouvre des opportunités aux investisseurs et une conjoncture favorable pour des colons nationalistes: Un rapport spécial »

An Israeli Policeman's Account of Land Day, 1976

The "Ha-Olam Ha-Ze" brought an anonymous testimony of a policeman who took part in suppressing the the "Land Day" protests in 1976. We bring it in full without any abbreviations or changes. »

Israel and Gaza: A longer, painful story

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian forces in Gaza does not merely reflect the current politics of the rulers of the two societies. It has deeper roots that go back to the wounds of 1948 - and Moshe Dayan knew this well »

A State with a Bomb

There is nameless state in our region that some time ago – quite recently in fact – has obtained nuclear weapons with which it is threatening the peace of the whole region. ‘According to foreign sources’, it has between 150 and 400 nuclear, hydrogen and neutron bombs, quite sufficient for the whole Middle East; quite sufficient, in fact, for a considerable part of the globe. How has it obtained these weapons? ‘Illegally’ as they say: at times through falsifying documents and concluding secret agreements with colonial powers, at times through cheating the inspectors who have come to view its nuclear reactor, at times through lies, and at times simply through maintaining ‘nuclear ambiguity’. »

Acre: Updates and Urgent Alert

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Shooting and Weeping

הטקסט המקורי של קובי ניב מ-1976. מוקדש לכיבוש הארור, במלאת לו 45 שנים. Kobi Niv's original text, dedicated to the cruel Israeli occupation, which celebrates 45 years. »