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The Site is under construction

The site is undergoing a massive upgrade. This might take a couple of days. Thanks for your patience. Tarabut's website team. »

Tarabut needs your support

Tarabut needs your support We have no financial means apart from members’ contributions. We cannot submit our political project to the logic of NGOization. Yet, if social engagement is not to remain the privilege of the few, we need some funds. »

Zionism is a Prison

Zionism is an ideological prison for social change in Israel. It is an ideological prison that separates Jews and Arabs. Even “soft Zionism,” which is said to be moderate and conciliatory, is not able to guarantee equal rights and full participation for twenty percent of the population. There is no partial equality. No such thing as “a little bit equal.” And who can say that 20% of the population (including 50% of children below the poverty line) are full and equal partners, when they are excluded from any movement for social change or revolution? Those who do not acknowledge that the state must recognize full and equal rights (individual and collective) – for its citizens, between the two peoples, between all of the various religious communities and cultural groups that exist within it – are probably seeking to preserve their privilege, the illusion of superiority. This cannot be reconciled with serious social reform. »

Paradise for Education? Three Responses to Neoliberal Education Reform

When neoliberals talk about improving and developing the education system, there are two main claims that they never fail to repeat. The first is the need for a technological revolution in education, while the second is to dismantle age-based instruction. To make these neoliberal proposals more attractive, they’ll always remind us of the supposedly liberating information revolution, along with the ideas of Professor Ken Robinson on creativity. »

After the War - Back to the Rulers' War of Attrition Against Israel's Social Per

In another week or two, when the Israeli primary season ends and the echoes of exploding rockets will fade from the TV screens, we'll see who really cares about the residents of Israel's south, Jews and Palestinians. Let's see, when Bibi will try to pass his austerity budget, who really cares about the children and elderly of Israel, and who cares about them only enough to use them as excuses for wars and for gaining political power »

The JNF is starting to pay for dispossession

JNF-UK lost 50% of its income from donations in 2011. It's not going anywhere-- they've got more than enough money, and the bulldozers in the Negev/Naqab desert are not skipping a beat. A-Araqib Village spokesperson Dr. Awad Abu Freih: "This is a great achievement in our struggle. There is much more that needs doing, but the true face of the JNF is starting to come to light." »

Masters of War

The suffering of Israelis living in the south of the country is not diminished by Israeli bombings of Gaza. Terrorizing children in Gaza will not guarantee security for the people in Sderot and Ashdod. When they want to fight a war, all of a sudden they start speaking in the name of the Israel’ southern periphery, but once the war is over, they forget about the south and the people who live there. For them, people's suffering is only an excuse to cause more suffering, not to actually address social suffering. Death only brings more death, and the suffering – everybody’s suffering – must be stopped. »