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Europa für alle!

Anlässlich des Tages der offenen Moschee am 3. Oktober 2009 hielt die islamfeindliche Bewegung „Pax Europa“ eine Kundgebung in Berlin. Dagegen demonstrieren Linksaktivisten. Iris Hefetz hat eine Rede gehalten, in der sie jeden Versuch der Rechte, , sich als judenfreundlich zu verkleiden, um ihren Rassismus zu legitimieren. »

The Knotted Roots of Today’s Conflict

What happened in Acca? What is happening in Jaffa? What is happening in Gaza? »

Kfar Shalem: The Struggle Resumes

At Kfar Shalem, residents renew the grassroots struggle for their rights and homes, in anticipation of what lies ahead: the moment when all legal proceedings will have been exhausted and they will be facing the danger of immediate eviction. »

District Committee outrightly rejects development plans for Dahmash

Here’s the State of Israel's message to its Arab residents: “Don't plan. Bulldozers will provide the answer for everything.” That’s the significance of the decision of the Planning and Building Committee that convened on Monday, July 5 to discuss the future of the detailed development plan submitted by the residents of Dahmash. »

From Dahmash Protest March to the Court Decision: Demolition Orders Frozen

On Tuesday, July 13, hundreds marched in protest through the streets of Ramla demanding recognition of the nearby village of Dahmash. The next morning, a local court convened to discuss pending demolition orders against thirteen homes in Dahmash - and decided to freeze their execution for an additional three months »

Etat d’Israël contre Citoyens d’Israël

Aujourd’hui, un village entier a été détruit en Israël ; un village bédouin non reconnu : al-Arakib au nord du Néguev, à quelques kilomètres au nord de Beersheba, près de la route 40. Des centaines de policiers et de membres des unités de Patrouille Spéciale, des bulldozers et des personnels de sécurité ont participé à l'opération. Trente militants de gauche de différentes régions du pays ont parvenu au site au dernier moment, en signe de solidarité avec les habitants et pour protester contre la destruction. Mais contre des forces si supérieures et si dissuasives, il n'y avait guère de chances. La police a créé une zone tampon entre les Bédouins et leurs maisons ; elle formait un mur humain entre les militants et habitants et les maisons -- tout en arrêtant plusieurs militants. Les femmes et les enfants ont été expulsés de leur maison. Et puis devant les yeux des gens d’al-Arakib, les bulldozers ont détruit leurs maisons et leurs champs. »

The Making of a Social Activist: Reuven Abergil

Reuven Abergil, one of the founders of the Israeli Black Panthers, the social movement who shook Israeli society at the beginning of the 1970s, now a member of Tarabut-Hit’habrut, talks about growing up in a poor neighborhood in Jerusalem and the beginning of the Black Panthers movement in Israel. »

Everyday Racism

Arab and Jewish cousins go to the movies in Tel Aviv’s most central mall, August 2009. »

Kfar Shalem Residents Fight for Their Homes

Hundreds of residents of Kfar Shalem hold a stormy protest rally against the continuing attempt to evict them from their homes and property. »

Zionism is a Prison

Zionism is an ideological prison for social change in Israel. It is an ideological prison that separates Jews and Arabs. Even “soft Zionism,” which is said to be moderate and conciliatory, is not able to guarantee equal rights and full participation for twenty percent of the population. There is no partial equality. No such thing as “a little bit equal.” And who can say that 20% of the population (including 50% of children below the poverty line) are full and equal partners, when they are excluded from any movement for social change or revolution? Those who do not acknowledge that the state must recognize full and equal rights (individual and collective) – for its citizens, between the two peoples, between all of the various religious communities and cultural groups that exist within it – are probably seeking to preserve their privilege, the illusion of superiority. This cannot be reconciled with serious social reform. »

An Israeli Policeman's Account of Land Day, 1976

The "Ha-Olam Ha-Ze" brought an anonymous testimony of a policeman who took part in suppressing the the "Land Day" protests in 1976. We bring it in full without any abbreviations or changes. »

The JNF is starting to pay for dispossession

JNF-UK lost 50% of its income from donations in 2011. It's not going anywhere-- they've got more than enough money, and the bulldozers in the Negev/Naqab desert are not skipping a beat. A-Araqib Village spokesperson Dr. Awad Abu Freih: "This is a great achievement in our struggle. There is much more that needs doing, but the true face of the JNF is starting to come to light." »

Masters of War

The suffering of Israelis living in the south of the country is not diminished by Israeli bombings of Gaza. Terrorizing children in Gaza will not guarantee security for the people in Sderot and Ashdod. When they want to fight a war, all of a sudden they start speaking in the name of the Israel’ southern periphery, but once the war is over, they forget about the south and the people who live there. For them, people's suffering is only an excuse to cause more suffering, not to actually address social suffering. Death only brings more death, and the suffering – everybody’s suffering – must be stopped. »