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Conquistan, colonizan y explotan….. Fuerza huelguistas!

El trasfondo de la huelga de obreros palestinos en "Nitzanei Shalom" que estalló el 19 de octubre de 2010. »

Occupy, Colonize, Exploit: The Economic Use of the Separation Barrier

How much do the masters pay the natives in the occupied territories? At the Solor factory – 90, 120 NIS a day. Where? In a fortified compound between the Separation Fence and Tulkarem. How roadblocks and fences manufacture manpower for exploitation? »

An Israeli Spring? Critical reflections on the Israeli mass protests

Last summer's social protests exposed the contradictions of the current economic and political order. The voices of the protests were not limited to those of the traditional middle classes: Such contradictions are also opportunities that challenge us to promote change and not to stand idly by. A critical overview of the protest »