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Israel and Gaza: A longer, painful story

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian forces in Gaza does not merely reflect the current politics of the rulers of the two societies. It has deeper roots that go back to the wounds of 1948 - and Moshe Dayan knew this well »

We need a liberation movement—not a conservative peace camp

Gerardo Leibner analyzes the composition of the Israeli "peace camp" and shows how interests of privileged groups within it lead to conservatism and stagnation: "To really have peace, to enable Israelis and Palestinians to make peace between them, we need a deep sociological change, we need de-colonization, to stop theft and dispossession, both physical and cultural. That's why we're trying to build a liberation movement before it is even possible to talk about a peace movement." »

Shooting at demonstrators on the Gaza Strip fence: documentation

In the first three days, 17 people were killed by IDF snipers, the vast majority of whom were unarmed. Over a thousand were injured. Videos were uploaded onto social media documenting case after case in which snipers shot at unarmed protesters, and even at people who were not trying to cross the fence. Below are a few of them. »